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Plush XLI Laundry is a high quality, yet affordable fashion brand. We are an online shopping brand dedicated to creating one of a kind clothing. Here at we are focus on creative & unique fashion designs that are fun, energetic, and represents our customer's and their culture. 


  • PLUSH XLI LAUNDRY is a fashion brand operated  via e-commerce. We provide quality fashion and beauty products that resonate with our customer’s  creativity and culture. 

  • PLUSH XLI LAUNDRY is not your typical Fashion Brand, we take honor in our designs. We  work with vendors for the top quality and most sustainable products and materials.

  • PLUSH XLI LAUNDRY offers fashion and beauty products to both men and women with many different life experiences. Our customers are creative thinkers, with an intense energy for life.

  • PLUSH XLI LAUNDRY is highly focused on quality materials, an excellent and secure online experience, and complete and undivided customer satisfaction. 

Now more than ever, everyone wants to be their true authentic self. Our company is focused on just that – our company slogan is “Be the TRUE you”. Throughout our life's journey we adapt and concede our  authenticate selves in order to achieve a goal or fulfill an obligation.
With Plush XLI Laundry the only obligation is for you to
”Be the TRUE you”!
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Plush XLI Laundry
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